Hi, we are so glad you stopped by! My name is Caroline, and I am the proud owner and Company Director of Words To Glow Light Up Letters & Venue Decor. Do you have an upcoming occasion or special event on the horizon that needs that little bit of pizzazz? Here at Words To Glow, we are experts in injecting a a touch of sparkle to any planned event.


Feel free to browse our lovely website. Do you like what you see? I would love to chat with you about how we can help add that something special to your occasion!

Words To Glow Company Director Caroline McAvoy with the company's illuminated letters
Everyone loves a good party right? Marrying into a large family, our family shin digs are both regular and somewhat legendary by default! It was whilst organising my husband’s 40th and trying to give the event and hired venue that unique stamp, that I struck upon my ‘light bulb’ moment. Just how cool would it be to literally light up a party with words?


The Idea

The idea got me thinking bigger.  Light up initials, illuminated words and phrases…the possibilities seemed infinitely endless. DANCE illuminated letters or BOOGIE to really get the dance floor shaking, BAR, PARTY or even MR & MRS or LOVE in large letter lights to celebrate a beautiful wedding? The prospects were exciting!


With my professional background in event management coupled with in-house practical skills in design fabrication, the initial concept was established. Words To Glow was born. Starting with our first LOVE and DANCE letters at the end of 2014, we launched over the hectic festive period.


Fast forward to today, and here we are! We proudly stock multiples of every letter of the alphabet in our classic white light up letter range. We even have numbers, hashtags and exclamation marks too. Don’t forget to check out the recent additions to our expanding stock. These include alternative LOVE letters ranges to suit a wide choice of modern day wedding day celebrations.


Caroline McAvoy, company director of Words To Glow Light Up Letters & Venue Decor showcases their light up initials for weddings and events