So, you have a big birthday just around the corner and want to celebrate in style? You’d love to have a themed party but want to keep it as easy for your guests as possible, and avoid the inevitable groans of ‘Oh no, not another fancy dress party!’ Check out Words To Glow ‘ ‘TOP TEN’ party themes for minimum fuss and effort!


1) Beauty and the Geek


Of course, I love to dress up for a ‘do’ just like any other girl but this theme really does suit everyone! Dress to the nines, channel your inner beauty, maybe emulate a greek goddess or screen siren perhaps? On the other hand, if dressing up isn’t your bag why not have a laugh and really work your geeky side? Think of the likes of Ugly Betty, Sheldon out of The Big Bang Theory, Velma or Shaggy from Scooby Doo and you will be right on track.


Thelma Fancy Dress from Scooby Doo






2) Casino/James Bond


Nothing says class more than James Bond.  This theme can prove to be a lot of fun and will be something the party guests will be talking about for a long time afterwards! With the fantastic addition of a roulette wheel, black jack tables and cocktail bar, guests will be entertained long into the night. This really is an easy theme for guests to work towards. Think long and elegant evening gowns, dazzling, sparkly necklaces for the ladies and black tie for the men folk.


Black lace mermaid evening gown


3) Angels and Devils/Good versus Evil

Again, this theme really does cater for all. Don a pair of angel wings and a halo or some red horns and a pitch fork and you have it made. Alternatively, you could really pull out all the stops and embrace the theme to the max. A nod to comic book superheros such as Superman and Wonder Woman can never go wrong or truly embrace your evil side and come as The Joker out of Batman or Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians perhaps?


4) Moulin Rouge/Burlesque


This is the ladies chance to be ultra hot and glamorous. Inspired by the Can Can dancers of the Moulin Rouge, costumes are colourful and sexy. Look for materials in bright colours such as satin, velvet and lace. A corset is a must; as are fishnet stockings. Skirts were cut higher in the front to show off a dancer’s legs and colourful feathers or headdresses were worn.


Red and black were the colours mostly seen, but other bright and bold colours such as purple or gold would work equally as well.


Men should keep it formal – suits and bow ties, white dress scarfs and a black cane and top hat if you can!


 5) 1920’s/Gatsby


Ladies, this is your chance to go ultra glam! Floaty, drop waisted and heavily sequinned dresses, pearls and feather boas. The chaps…think Al Capone – slicked back hair, pin-striped suits, braces and fedora hats. Black or white ties and spats essential of course.


Bride wearing Gatsby 1920's style dress with LOVE sign


 6) Through the Decades 


Let your guests choose to represent their favourite decade through their outfit – the choice is infinite! Come as a gangster moll of the 20’s, return to the swinging 60’s or the rock n’ roll 50’s, or channel your inner Material Girl of the 80’s – the good thing about this theme is its versatility!


80'S Madonna inspired outfit 2


 7) Flashdance v’s Fame


Of course, my love of anything 80’s just had to feature an 80’s inspired party. And what could be better than the two films, Flashdance and Fame. What 30/40 something year old can forget slipping on the sweat bands and high kicking to the likes of ‘Fame’ and ‘What a Feeling!’ in front of the bedroom mirror!


Flash Dance inspired outfit        FAME-Final_Logo_


Grab some ankle warmers, a bright neon t-shirt and the shortest of shorts and channel your inner Leroy!


 8) Space: The Final Frontier


Being an ultimate space geek, this would just have to be the hubby’s party theme of choice! With the likes of Dr Who, Star Trek and Star Wars to choose from, this is a theme that you can really go to town on! Or if like me, you prefer minimum effort, grab a stripy scarf and bow tie for Dr Who or a pair of pointy ears and a black wig and go as Dr Spock!


9) 90’s


Simply dig out your old ra-ra skirt and waspy belt or perhaps the old Power Suit lurking in the back of the wardrobe….(go on, you know you have one really!) Don a curly wig reminiscent of Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine and you have it nailed!


10) Zombie Apocalypse


Of course, this just HAD to feature in my top ten themed party ideas! As NO 1 fan of cult American TV show The Walking Dead, this is one theme that really doesn’t have to cost the earth to recreate. Rip up some old clothes, don a bit of face paint and pop in some freaky contact lenses and there you have it. Just make sure you master the art of the zombie trawl before you make your entrance!




I hope you enjoyed my TOP TEN easy fancy dress party ideas! On next week’s blog we will be looking at just how you to decorate your party venue to each one of these fabulous themes. See you all soon!


C  x