Did you know….we have a range of alternative light up products now available for hire? Our beautiful table top ‘Mr & Mrs’ letter lights are now ready to light up your occasion in style. Available to hire in conjunction with your new married surname, this new product really allows you to put that extra special personal stamp on your special day. Alternatively, our table top ‘The’ can also be used in place of our Mr & Mrs to the same effect.

Mr & Mrs GYASI wedding marquee letters

The SMITHS lighted letters


MR & MRS mini light letters plus lighted initials at Ordsall Hall


Our table top Mr & Mrs is also  available to hire in conjunction with several of our popular hire ranges including our sparkly LOVE illuminated letters, your initials and ampersand as shown in the picture above, DANCE or PARTY.


And don’t forget, for those special birthday celebrations, we’ve got it covered! Whether it be your child’s BAH MITZVAH party, a CHRISTENING, 18TH, 21ST, 40th or 60th we can light up any party in style; be that big or small.





So get your thinking caps, get creative and WOW us with your ‘outside of the box’ requests and ideas! We LOVE to shake it up!


C  x