And our love will burn
The flame will never die
We are brighter, we are brighter
Let’s show ’em how we light up tonight
And we will glow…

Ella Henderson – Glow Lyrics


It is true that the discerning bride and groom of today are now looking for that certain ‘something’ that will add that extra special touch to their wedding celebrations. As such, here at Words To Glow we are constantly working hard to bring you a choice of options when it comes to lighting up your wedding venue in style.


We are delighted to now add our gorgeous twinkly light up ‘HEART’ sign to the offering. Our heart can be hired individually or in combination with a variety of other options. For example, it can be hired with your initials, as in the image below:



Alternatively, why not hire it in combination with our fab wedding LOVE letters to really add something special to your wedding venue?


LOVE Wedding Letters provide the perfect party lighting for any party or special occasion  



Our new MR & MRS lighted letters are very nearly ready to rock ‘n roll!


'MR & MRS' large wooden letters for hire for weddings


Again, these can be hired individually, or in combination with any of our other wedding decorations and event prop hire. Another popular way to hire this item is to hire in combination with the first initial of your surname, for example, ‘MR & MRS P’.


For other special occasions, such as special birthday celebrations, why not spell out your name in lights or even light up the ‘DANCE’ floor quite literally!


  DANCE marquee letters lighting up a party venue in style

'SAM' Light Up Initials - we can spell any name you like!


I hope this provides some inspiration as to how our wooden signs can add some extra shanazz to your special day!


Farewell for now!


C  x