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Dazzling Wedding Decor and spa...

Dazzling Wedding Decor and sparkly letter lights for all to behold

WOW, the 2017 wedding season is hotting up with every week that passes (just how is it March already..!!).  At the WTG headquarters, we were pleased as punch to be recently selected to appear in a feature article in the Spring issue of Your North West Wedding Magazine. This magazine is produced in association with County […]

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Boho Queen – From Tipis to Mar

“Give me a stage and I’ll be your rock and roll queen Your 20th century cover of a magazine Rolling stone here I come, watch out everyone I’m singing my song. Give me a festival and I’ll be your Glastonbury star The lights are shining everyone knows who you are” Amy McDonald – ‘Let’s Start […]

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Tiptoe through the Tulips My L...

Well, was the Easter Bunny good to you? As we methodically worked our way through our own body weight in chocolate goodies this Bank Holiday weekend, Good Friday was kind enough to give us just a glimpse of the warmer weather to come.   With Spring finally on our doorstep, wedding decor takes on a distinctly […]

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