Just a quick update on how we are progressing here at Words To Glow HQ and our journey so far…..


Everything is coming along nicely as we build up our stock of illuminated signage and there is a tinge of nervous excitement, but also pride as another letter is added to our stock and we can see just how fantastic they look. Making the leap and putting our dreams of starting our own business into action initially took a certain amount of courage, but the further down the path we are on our journey, the more sure we become that our business will achieve great things.


Anyone can come up with a great idea for a new business venture, but it is having the passion, desire and unwavering commitment to keep pushing forward with little resource, but lots of determination and hard work.


Having faith in our ability to produce high quality and beautiful illuminated letters keeps us motivated and pushing forward in order to achieve our ultimate goal; customers who love our letters and recommend them to others.


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we are hard at work and aiming to have something new to offer for that special occasion….WATCH THIS SPACE!


Light Up Initial E

A sneak peek at one of our letters


C x