The age old tradition of a bridal bouquet originates from a time when the bride carried not the commonly thought of floral bouquet of today; but rather aromatic bunches of garlic, herbs and spices, ivy, thistle and heather to ward off evil spirits.


With the advent of Victorian times, the use of flowers was popularised and indeed today, the modern day bride often chooses their floral arrangements based on their chosen colour scheme, bridal style, individual personality and personal tastes. However, perhaps for your wedding day you wish to shake it up a little and are looking for that something a little out of the ordinary that will really be remembered on the day.


Here Words To Glow presents ten of the best alternative ideas for modern day bridal bouquets:


Unusual Shaped Bouquets

Unusual shaped feather and floral bridal bouquet

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If you are still a fan of the traditional floral bouquet, but would like to add in a little quirkiness on the day why not opt for something other than the usual round or tear drop floral arrangement. Find yourself a local florist who is keen to break the mould and create something that will add that certain statement to your beautiful dress.


Beautiful Button Bouquets

Blue button and feather bridal bouquet

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One of my personal favourites, the button bouquet is both cute and quirky. What is so great about a button bouquet is that is can be as colourful or as muted as you wish (and it will last a lifetime of course!)


Paper Flower Bouquets

Intricate origami flower bridal bouquet

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Musical note paper flower button hole for the groom to be

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I love the intricacy of Paper Flower bouquets. There are some fabulous ideas and examples on the internet. If you have an arty side there are some great tutorials to show you just how to create your own fabulous origami based creation. This could be incorporated as a theme throughout your wedding decorations and could be used as wonderful button corsages as in the beautiful musical inspired flower shown here.

Fruits of the Earth Bouquets


Bridal bouquet using beautiful vegetables as the centrepiece

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With a nod to traditional arrangements of the past, modern day bridal bouquets are now increasingly featuring alternative blooms and sourcing materials such as artichokes to give bouquets a certain rustic feel. I particularly love the way this bouquet has been put together and softened by adding beautiful gypsophila and stunning peacock feathers!


Sparkly Brooch Creations

Beautiful blue and purple brooch bouquet

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Increasingly popular in recent years, a sparkly brooch bouquet is indeed beautiful. With some unbelievably intricate brooches available today, and the ability to add in your own treasured family heirlooms this is a bouquet that can be truly made to order. Softened by hand tying the bouquet in pretty satin ribbon, this could be your ‘something old’ and ‘something new’.


Madame Butterfly

Delicate paper butterfly bridal bouquet

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Bridal butterfly hair adornment

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A twist on the Paper Flower bouquet theme, this stunning Butterfly Bouquet would certainly have your guests talking. Again, this is something that could be incorporated as a theme throughout your day. Take these gorgeous butterfly inspired hair pins for example. With a variety of beautiful hair accessories and pins to choose from in materials such as crystal, pearl and fabric , the modern day bride is no longer confined to the traditional tiara or floral crown to complement her bridal bouquet.



An alternative to the traditional bridal bouquet - hand held fans

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Add a touch of the Middle East and discard the notion of a traditional bouquet all together with these fabulously feminine hand-held fans. These could be used by all of the bridal party as in the picture shown to create a wonderfully different photo opportunity.


Fabulous Feathers

Fabulous feather and flower bridal bouquet

Image – McAvoy Photography Flowers – Verdure Floral Design

DANCE Marquee Letters decorating The Deaf Institute, Manchester

Image – McAvoy Photography Flowers – Verdure Floral Design

Feathers of course add instant Hollywood inspired glamour and can be used as the ultimate statement table centre piece at your Wedding Breakfast. Why not add in some gorgeous vintage letter signs to your reception too to add the certain WOW factor to your celebrations!

Seasonal Sensations

Bridal bouquets to reflect the seasons

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If you are planning a wedding at a particular time of the year such as Autumn or Christmas, why not consider basing your bridal bouquet loosely around this theme? For Autumn there are stunning blooms available in beautiful palettes of burnt orange, red and purple. Festive inspired bouquets of course offer a multitude of designs, from your traditional Christmas blooms such as red roses, green foliage and berries to quirky festive bauble inspirations.


Glamourous Clutch

A floral adorned clutch bag - an alternative to the traditional bridal bouquet

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Perhaps your wedding is taking place at a more formal registry office or town hall. This is a great alternative to the full on bridal bouquet. I love the way it can add that wonderful POP of colour and of course, your clutch bag can always be coordinated to a fab pair of gorgeous shoes to boot! What could be better?


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