Perhaps every groom-to-be is aware of the key areas he needs to get involved with in helping his bride plan the perfect wedding….the biggies come as no surprise. But what about those things a groom really should avoid in the lead up to the big day?


Here are our TOP FIVE tips!


Numero UNO: Don’t….just DON’T plan your stag do for the day before or you’re asking for trouble!

Gone are the days where the traditional ‘stag’ celebration is held the night before the big day itself – unless you want to run the risk of re enacting a scene from The Hangover that is. Let’s be honest, who wants to rock up to the altar looking like you’ve gone ten rounds with Bruce Lee and smelling like the bottom of a mosh pit?


The Hangover-3-movie


Trust me, as part of your overall wedding planning organise your stag do at least a week ahead of your wedding day and your bride-to-be will thank you for it. Even better, why not go with the current trend and plan a whole weekend of activities for you and your stags a couple of months ahead of the big day itself.


No.2: Don’t visit a different hairdresser for your wedding day haircut or choose a new hair style a week before the big day!

Let’s be sensible about this…..the lead up to the wedding is NOT the time to try to rock a radical new image. If you are thinking of shaking up your style prior to your wedding day, make sure you plan this at least six months in advance, so that you have time to avert any potential haircut nightmares well in advance of the big day.


No.3: Don’t leave the writing of your speech to the back of a beermat on the morning of your wedding!


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Are you the kind of guy who likes to wing it? Are you thinking a few heartfelt thank-you’s and well placed platitudes on the day will be all it takes to nail your big speech? Think AGAIN! A well-received groom’s speech requires careful consideration and most importantly, rehearsal before the big day! The very last thing you want to be doing is to be adding to your wedding day jitters by honing your not so well planned speech in the gent’s loos half an hour before your time in the spotlight.  Wedding day nerves aside, your beautiful bride deserves a whole lot more.


The groom’s speech should be polished and delivered from the heart…….leave the quips and funny asides to your best man. Even better, score yourself some extra brownie points by surprising your lovely wife-to-be with the hire of some fabulous illuminated letters spelling out your ‘LOVE’ for her on your special day.




No.4 Don’t get a tattoo!

It’s a no brainer that you will most probably drink your own body weight in alcohol during your stag do celebrations. Word of warning though….don’t let your fellow stags talk you into becoming an inking virgin……likelihood is you’ll end up with a dodgy everlasting memento of your special day just where you don’t want it.


No. 5 Don’t rush.

I can't keep calm I'm getting married


FINALLY, the big day has arrived! Perhaps the key most important bit of advice I can impart is ‘don’t rush!’ No one can deny you are going to be nervous and the pressure will be on….But however obvious this sounds, remember to BREATHE! Take time out to calm yourself and to gather your thoughts. This is YOUR day and you want to enjoy every moment of it!


 After all…… ‘happiness is being married to your best friend…’  


See you all soon!

C  x