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It takes two baby!

Don’t underestimate the importance of building good partnership links with other related wedding services for mutual benefit and recommendations. Certain services will be sought out and paid for ahead of booking the wedding venue itself and as such, can provide an important introduction to prospective brides and grooms. Good services to approach include jewellery stores, bridal shops, event planners or venue dressers.


Consider hosting a Wedding Open Day for your partners to showcase their services and products; whilst giving prospective brides and grooms the chance to view your venue, sample a taster menu, ask any pertinent questions and meet your team.


Snap Happy

Savvy brides can easily spot a staged photo shoot compared to real life wedding photography. To appeal to the modern day couple, ensure your website, promotional literature and social media marketing has a good mix of the two. Real life photographs allow the happy couple to picture just how it may look for their own important occasion without all the official staging props and special lighting.


Make friends with regular photographers to your venue and secure those all important contacts.



The first port of call for any newly engaged couple will be one of the various internet search engines such as Google or Yahoo. Do you know where your business ranks on internet search engines? Ensuring your hotel website features prominently on these key internet searches is one of the top marketing strategies required to ensure visibility for your business on the web.


Moving your website up the search rankings requires sustained effort and knowledge of SEO tactics such as keyword optimisation, correct blogging techniques, Google Analytics and the importance of back links. Ensure your business ranks on the first page of Google to secure the visibility of your hotel and brand to newly engaged couples looking to book their ideal wedding venue.


Be Social Media Savvy

With so many pressures on our time and lives we live in an ever increasing social media world. Any new business must keep abreast with changes to this world; and respond accordingly. There are a number of key issues to be aware of when ensuring visibility of your company and brand on social media channels:


  • Ensure a presence on the key social media channels: Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and most importantly Facebook. Newly engaged couples and brides in particular hang out on Facebook. Your key target audience can be reached through the use of targeted Facebook Ads.


  • Better still, Facebook Lookalike Audiences can take one of your existing client contact lists and create a ‘lookalike’ audience of potential clients, with similar likes and interests, who are more likely to engage with your services moving forward.


  • Ensure your website is optimised for mobile viewing and responds accordingly. There is nothing more annoying than trying to view a website with miniscule text and website links via mobile….this is a surefire way to increase your website bounce rate.


Don’t underestimate the power of a good client review.

There are various sites and options for leaving client reviews. Client testimonials and video clips on your website are always compelling – customer feedback will give potential couples evidence of the quality and value of your product or service in the best way possible.


Other popular places for leaving reviews are Google Plus, Facebook for Business and Twitter. Tailored review sites such as You and Your Wedding and Guide To Be are all valid options too.


And finally, tailor a luxury and bespoke package that sells individuality.

Today’s bride is looking for that something unique that will make ‘her’ wedding  that little bit special and ‘stand out’.


Ensure your marketing and communications speak of luxury from the get go by researching what the bride of today is looking for. Read posts on popular wedding blog sites, or visit popular wedding fayres to discover more and ensure your wedding offer is tailored to attract potential wedding couples in your area.


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