“My love is selfish. I cannot breathe without you.”                                                                                 John Keats


Looking for the perfect gift for your loved one this Valentine’s? Are you wanting to buck the trend or are you a traditionalist to the core? Whatever your plans, here at Words To Glow Light Up Letters we have it covered. Check out our quick fire low-down of the most coveted Valentine’s Day gifts and a sometimes ‘tongue in cheek’ look at what they truly mean!


Say it with Flowers?


Meaning: I really like you


Traditionally billed as the most romantic gesture of your love and affection, a bouquet of flowers is a gift that is universally associated with declarations of love and therefore a natural and obvious gift of choice for this Valentine’s Day.


But are you aware of the symbolism behind your romantic gesture? What exactly is your gift communicating? Different flowers are associated with different symbolic meanings.  For example, it is commonly known that presenting your loved one with a single red rose is a clear declaration of your love. A gift of a dozen red roses on Valentine’s Day certainly screams “I love you” loud and clear. However, do you know what message other roses convey?


White Roses: The colour of purity and innocence, white flowers are generally associated with new beginnings, a perfect gift for a new relationship.


Yellow Roses: A symbol of friendship and caring; yellow roses remind us of the sun and inspire feelings of joy and warmth. Maybe give some yellow roses to a close friend this Valentine’s to show how much you care.


Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Diamond ring_box

Meaning: This is for keeps


Arguably one of the most coveted of all Valentine’s gifts, presenting your loved one with this precious stone for Valentine’s conveys everlasting love and commitment and expresses the depth of your love just eloquently. Perhaps you are ready for the next level of commitment. Why not make it a Valentine’s Day to remember and really pop the question in style?


Because The Lady Loves Milk Tray


Meaning:  You are MY girl


A beautifully presented box of chocolates such as those on offer by Hotel Chocolate and the like can speak volumes and can indicate to your partner that you have taken care to present her with a delectable and beautifully presented gift. Buy a cheap box of ROSES from your local garage and run the risk of being door slammed (if you know what I mean!)




Meaning: Come to bed with me


A man typically buys lingerie for his girl when he has one thing on his mind; to generate more action in the bedroom department! Making his woman feel sexy and desirable is one sure fire way to spice it up and put some VA VA VOOM back into a lack lustre sex life.


A Weekend Away


Meaning: He wants to get to know you better


Booking a romantic city break or night at a hotel spa indicates you are serious about the relationship and are ready to take things to the next level. By planning such a romantic
get-away you are sending the message that this one is for keeps.


Cuddly Toy

Cuddly toy

Meaning: Forget it. He has no imagination whatsoever


Giving your loved one a cuddly toy for Valentine’s Day ensures you run the risk of downgrading your relationship to that of a Primary School crush. Receiving a cuddly toy on Valentine’s is a sure-fire way to sound the death-knell on any adult relationship.


A Food Mixer (or any other kitchen utensil for that matter):

Food Mixer

Meaning: I’m a loser. Quit while you are ahead


No further definition required.


C x