Your wedding is booked and the planning has begun in earnest. One of the first decisions you will have to make as a couple is who to choose for your respective groomsmen and bridesmaids. Along with your parents, your bridal party is key to helping you plan and organise the important aspects of your special occasion. But what role does each individual play and what are their key responsibilities on the day?


Here at Words To Glow we have provided a low-down and quick guide to the key Wedding Day Roles and Responsibilities. With roles for all your bridal party; we hope you like this helpful infographic and accompanying guide.


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Wedding Day Roles and Responsibilities Infographic


Wedding Day Roles and Responsibilities Infographic continued

Chief Bridesmaid

As Chief Bridesmaid to the blushing bride it is your ultimate responsibility to ensure everything is in order. This includes both the lead up to the big day and on the day itself. You are officially the ‘right hand gal’.

On the lead up to the big day, it is only natural that things can begin to get a little hectic. Certainly, your bride can be forgiven for turning into her very best version of Bridezilla! It will be your job to soothe pre-wedding nerves and be on hand to ease last minute arrangements. This may include being around to assist in the preparation of homemade wedding decorations or floral blooms perhaps. It could even involve you volunteering your time to purchase essentials for the day itself.

Specifically, tradition dictates of course that you accompany your friend in her hunt for ‘THE’ bridal dress.  You and the bridesmaid party will need to be available for dress fittings for your own wedding day outfits too.

A key responsibility of course as Chief Bridesmaid is the organisation of the much anticipated Hen Party. With increasing numbers of brides now opting to celebrate abroad, this is certainly no small task! Make sure you consult with the bride-to-be on her preferred options before beginning to arrange the finer details. And remember, celebrations abroad may not be achievable for all you may wish to invite.

On the day itself, you will act as Legal Witness to the marriage by signing the Register. However, more and more Chief Bridesmaids are choosing to give a small speech in order to toast the happy couple.

And finally, remember to be on hand to help your friend with any necessary trips to the Ladies Room! When nature calls, oodles of netting and lace can make for tricky logistics when it comes to necessary calls of nature!

Best Man

Being chosen to be your friend’s Best Man is the ultimate honour and privilege. Of course, it can induce strong feelings of dread. Even the most hardened man can break out into beads of unadulterated sweat and fear at the mere thought of standing up in front of hundreds of wedding guests! Traditionally seen as the opportunity for a little humour, the pressure is certainly on for the best man to deliver a fun speech! Don’t forget to thank the bridesmaids of course!

Again, as with the Chief Bridesmaid, it is your responsibility to organise the lad’s Stag Do in the lead up to the wedding. This is the one occasion where it is a safer and a certainly wiser decision to disregard tradition. Plan the celebrations for a date well in advance of the day itself. Plan a stag do for the night before the wedding day and you are asking for trouble.

You will of course accompany your friend to groomsmen suit fittings. You will provide much needed moral support both on the lead up and on the day itself.

When the day arrives, you will be entrusted with the safe keeping of the two wedding rings until the ceremony. You will also be required to sign the register as Legal Witness to the marriage.

Following the Wedding Breakfast and the much anticipated speeches, you will help lead the wedding dances by offering to dance with the Chief Bridesmaid as tradition dictates.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Despite commonly held belief, your duties as bridesmaid or groomsman extend beyond turning up and looking the part on the day. Indeed, you may certainly be expected to be available for pre-wedding duties such as wedding dress or groomsmen shopping. Other roles include assisting with wedding planning and helping to plan the respective hen and stag parties.

On the wedding day itself, the responsibility for younger children in the bridal party will fall to the wider bridal party in particular. Groomsmen will be expected to have full control of seating arrangements for the church service; guiding guests to their seats.

Father or Mother of the Bride

As father or mother of the bride you have a special and unique bond with the bride to be. As well as traditionally providing financial support, you will be called upon to accompany your daughter to any pre-wedding appointments. This includes dress fittings or planning meetings for much needed moral support.

On her wedding day, you have the wonderful privilege of walking your beautiful daughter down the aisle – a memorable moment and undoubted honour.

As a key member of the wedding party, and will therefore be expected to give a wedding day speech. As parent of the bride, you will kick start the evening celebrations by taking to the floor with your daughter for the traditional wedding dance.

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

Quite simply, your most important job is to look SUPER duper cute! Walking ahead of the bride, you will announce her entrance! You have the VERY important task of carrying the wedding rings down the aisle to the bridal party.

Of course, you also need to give the photographer your very best smile and look adorable for the wedding photos too!


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