About Us

Our very own love story started in July 1999 when I married my very best friend and soul mate and we became MR & MRS. Fifteen years of marriage later, a few more gray hairs and the odd wrinkle here and there and here we are. Lots of poignant, wonderful moments shared and the creation of two beautiful girls to boot.

My family celebrating my husband's 40th Birthday

Marrying into a large (and when I say large, I mean LARGE) family, our regular shin digs are somewhat legendry and can often seem like Party Central! It was whilst organising my husband’s 40th last year and trying to give the event and hired venue that unique stamp, that I struck upon my ‘light bulb’ moment. Just how cool would it be to literally light up a party with words?

The Idea

Whilst unfortunately too late to develop anything for our own party celebrations, the idea got me thinking.  The possibilities seemed infinitely endless…. DANCE illuminated letters or BOOGIE to really get the dance floor shaking, BAR, PARTY or even MR & MRS or LOVE in large letter lights to celebrate a beautiful wedding or romantic marriage proposal? The prospects were exciting!

With my professional background in event management coupled with practical skills in design and fabrication, the initial concept was established and Words To Glow was born.

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