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Light up letters in manchester

Adding that finishing touch

WORDStoGLOW have been specialising in 'finishing' touches since 2014. We offer quality handmade 4ft light up letters that are designed and made in house at our Manchester warehouse.

With over 130 letters in stock plus lots more decor, we can spell any name, brand or phrase!

Create a spectacular illuminated wow factor for your prom night, graduation ball, anniversary, or corporate event.

Prom and graduation events are truly momentous events that are to be remembered by your pupils, delegates and colleagues, therefore make sure those photo opportunities are not missed!

As we are part of Sterling Event Group, we deal with all the technical and organisational side of things, you simply need to decide what you want to GLOW and leave the rest to our experienced team.

Happy planning!

For more information on how we can help contact the team!

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